Hollyn Grace

Congratulations to our dear friends Chico and Aly on beautiful Hollyn Grace.

Love this sweet little baby. And her parents. And this adorable and creative nursery!

Sophia {Senior Shoot}

Loved doing this senior shoot with the sweet Sophia Maxwell. Both inside and out, she’s beautiful!IMG_1598IMG_1658



Jeremy & Jenni {Maternity}

One thing I love about this job is being able to document different seasons of life – not too long ago I was taking engagement photos for these two and now here we are preparing for their sweet baby boy to arrive.

Jenni, you are a GORGEOUS  mama-to-be. Can’t wait to meet baby Jaxon!

IMG_3150 IMG_3195IMG_3206IMG_3144IMG_3141IMG_3094 IMG_3231 IMG_3239 IMG_3264 IMG_3270 IMG_3290 IMG_3323

Eric & Meagan {Wedding}

I had the absolute pleasure of photographing the wedding of Meagan and Eric a few weeks ago. This couple is so dearly loved by their families and their community and the day was marked with joy, laughter and a lot of smiling…seriously…i don’t think either of them stopped grinning the entire day. I loved having a front row seat to witnessing their special day.

Here’s a little snapshot of their pictures:

IMG_0595IMG_0576IMG_0524IMG_0498IMG_0984IMG_0887IMG_0644IMG_0855IMG_0819IMG_0796-2IMG_1180 IMG_1165IMG_1430IMG_1485


Ethan Thomas Edmonson {Newborn Pictures}

The morning of March 14th, 4 days before my due date, I began having some mild contractions. Not one to “cry wolf,” I thought I’d just wait a bit to tell anyone I was in labor until I was certain that this was the real thing. Well things picked up fast…really fast…and by the time i called Brandon and he made it home from work, the contractions were so close and intense that I could barely finish packing my suitcase. We somehow made it into our car and at 12:50 pm we pulled into the Williamson County Hospital parking lot. They wheeled me through the halls, scrambled to find an available doctor, and about 30 painful, and somewhat dramatic minutes later, I heard “It’s a…BOY!” and we first locked eyes on our sweet baby Ethan.

Born at 1:30 pm, he was 6 lbs, 12 oz, had beautiful bronze skin and the most amazing hair. He was just perfect, and once again, it was love at first sight.

His name, Ethan, means “enduring strength” and his middle name is Thomas, in honor of my dad, who we love so dearly.

He was 9 days old when my friend and talented photographer Amy Conner came over to do his newborn photos. In my sleep-deprived state, I was so thankful to not be the one taking the pictures this time around. As usual, Amy did an awesome job…

_MG_1367edit copy_MG_1377 copy_MG_1428bw _MG_1440edit copy_MG_1429 copy_MG_1363edit_MG_1354bw_MG_1421_MG_1452bw _MG_1445bw_MG_1450edit copy_MG_1473bw _MG_1476bw

Baby Liv

I have been on a bit of a blogging hiatus but this super sweet newborn shoot drew me back!

I did a maternity shoot for Matt and Amy and then returned just a few weeks later to do baby Liv’s newborn shoot. It was so fun seeing their anticipation to meet their baby girl and then to witness them as new parents just 10 days after the birth. I just love the wonder and tiny-ness (is that a word?) of a brand new baby, and it was an honor to capture these first days of a precious new life. Congratulations Matt and Amy on your beautiful girl and for taking the plunge into the adventure of parenthood!

Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 10.19.29 PMIMG_6888IMG_7075IMG_6920 IMG_6813IMG_6945IMG_6833Screen Shot 2014-02-20 at 11.05.42 PM IMG_6975IMG_6639

Family Shoot – the Strickhausens

This family made my job feel easy! Not only are they all rather beautiful people, they also adore each other and required almost no prompting or posing from me to get some super sweet pictures. It was a joy to photograph them!

And how adorable is little curly haired, 2 year-old Camdyn? Her lively spirit and animated expressions had me cracking up!

Here are some of my favorites:


IMG_4500IMG_4523IMG_4542IMG_4534 IMG_4533IMG_4601IMG_4438IMG_4626IMG_4327IMG_4274

Family Photo Shoot – the Sklenka’s

I had so much fun getting to meet another new family for a photo shoot a few weeks ago. Meet Kara and Brad Sklenka and their little crew,  Sam and Sawyer. Brad and Kara were so friendly and laid back and and their boys super cute. Such a sweet family – I loved doing these pictures for them!

IMG_2763IMG_2789 IMG_2814IMG_2844 IMG_2851IMG_3003 IMG_2942 IMG_2898

Gabriel is TWO!!

Gabriel, you are two years old today my sweet boy! I am amazed every day by your determination, compassionate heart, and sense of humor. You are talking non-stop lately. You are declaring your independence, yet still need your Mama..which I’m ok with. You are affectionate and love to cuddle – you still love being rocked before bedtime…that time holding you is one of my favorite parts of every day.

I love your sensitive and compassionate heart. You hate it when anyone is upset, especially your big sister. Even when she is crying because she got in trouble for being mean to you, you’ll walk over, pat her leg and say “You sad, Sissy? You ok?” You completely adore your Brooklyn. You two are the best of pals, and 2 years younger or not, you see no reason that you shouldn’t be able to do every single thing that she does.

I can already see such a great sense of humor in you. You often have a mischievous smile on your face and you’re already making jokes…pretty funny ones! I would have never imagined the indescribable amount of laughter and joy you have brought into our family.

How precious you are and how incredibly blessed I am to be your Mama. Happy 2nd birthday to you Gabriel!IMG_3557 IMG_3471 IMG_3568IMG_3437IMG_3525IMG_3529IMG_3391IMG_3399IMG_3334

A Trip to the Pumpkin Patch

The past few years one of our favorite Fall activities has been going to Gentry’s Farms here in Franklin, TN.  Pumpkins, hay rides, barns, farm animals…what’s not to love?  This year on the day we had planned on going Gabriel had a pitiful cold, but we thought the fresh air would do him good so we decided to still go. I’m so glad we did..even with our little guy a little more somber than usual, everyone had a great time and the annual family tradition of Gentry’s Farm lives on.